Monday, May 21, 2007

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

Alright, I haven't been "lazy", per se. But I have been amazingly busy. I did what I said I never would...I lost momentum on blogging. I used to brag that I found blogging addictive: that I would wake up thinking about what I would blog that day. Well, I seem to have let about a month's worth of morning's pass by, while working on those paying clients...but I think I'm back in the swing here.

Plus: I just saw this AdSense ad:

(not clickable)
Yeesh. How stuff like that winds it way through the system is beyond me. Alright...let's get back to keeping a close eye on how technology is changing advertising. Number one of which would be the amazing purchases of the last few weeks: DoubleClick to Google and Aquantive to Microsoft. Amazing (although not unexpected). Here we are in a space where the big software development shops are suddenly sitting at the fulcrum point between advertiser and consumer. I've written previously about how advertising is increasingly becoming a challenge of probability (specifically in ClickZ). These moves definitely show a significant march in that direction.
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