Monday, January 02, 2006

NBA Opens Archives; Hints at Opening the CGM Floodgates

Well, 2006 is off to a pretty great start--at least as far as the whole "empowered online consumer" movement is concerned. The NBA annouced that it is starting the process of digitizing the video from every game since 1946. Plus, it seems that, since 1996, they have been adding timecodes to significant on-court events. The story describes one potential use of the archive:

That coding will make it easy for computers to search for, say, all the 3-point attempts by Michael Jordan with less than 2 minutes of play in a game where a team leads by five points or less.

What's truly amazing is that they envision ultimatley allowing any fan access to the footage, to do whatever they want to with it (within reason and rules, assumedly). Imagine the amount of new interpretations of old footage possible here: highlight reels, documentaries, music videos, mashups. Plus, I imagine that a dedicated group of fans could go through all that pre-1996 footage and begin marking it up with timecode tags.

This is an inspiring move by a well-loved brand. Steve Hellmuth, a VP at the NBA said of the archival footage"If we've got it, there's no reason why we shouldn't make it available to fans."

It will be interesting to watch as they begin to make this availble. Personally, I'd like to see them explore releasing the footage under a Creative Commons license. But, the important thing is what seems like a real interest in letting fans in...and seeing what they come up with. There's certainly a level of trust here as well. It is possible, assumedly, that someone could come up with a compendium of blown calls, which could be damaging to the league. But most likely, the celebration of the sport is what will be what comes out, which ultimately will just generate more valuable for NBA.
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