Friday, May 19, 2006

CostCo, Karl Rove and the Yankees

I'm beginning to put my presentation together for the upcoming WOMMA event (here in SF!). For reasons that will become very clear during my session (I hope), I was looking at the buzz around CostCo.

Man, oh man do people love that store. I think CostCo may just be the Sears of the 21st Century.

And here's the important thing: ever seen an ad for them? Of course not. Not only that, but they have this membership thing, which means that not just anyone can go in there and buy 200 ozs of pickles. There's clearly something worthwhile going on there.

So, I used BlogPulse to see if I could find some blog posts about the brand. I wanted to get some comparisons to see how much buzz there was. Ends up (according to BlogPulse) that People buzz about CostCo as much as they buzz about Karl Rove and The Yankees. OK--Those two get spikes, but if you average it out, its practically the same.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

how did you come with this combination?

Genius. I'm totally inspired.

talk to you soon


3:35 PM  
Blogger Gary Stein said...

thanks! And, what did I tell you: I'm number one on Google for searches on "Karl Rove AND CostCo"

Make sure you tell me when you launch your blog.

11:54 AM  

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