Monday, September 11, 2006

Clique Through and Target Taxonomies

My ClickZ article this week is on Clique Through. This is a topic that I've spoken about at SES and to WOMMA--the idea is to focus viral marketing tactics not on the world at large, but on small, very highly-defined groups of valuable consumers.

The new idea introduced in the ClickZ article is the notion of Target Taxonomies. This is an evolution of the segmentation process, and one that is better fit for the level of data that is available to us in the digital realm. The approach dictates that we don't simply identify groups of people and name them, pretending that these segments are wholly distinct.

Instead, Target Taxonomy is an approach where you begin at a very high level, define it, and then begin to create sub groups underneath each. The subgroups will share many of the same attributes as everyone else within that family, and there are characteristics that define the family as a whole. But, at the group level, there are marked differences.

The point of this is to both better define these cliques, as well as be prepared to take advantage of technologies that would enable you to fine tune messages. It's a way of placing some order in the world, which can then be managed within your marketing/media plan.

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