Monday, March 26, 2007

Video Issue #1: What is online video

My ClickZ column this week focuses on the issues and the opportunities for advertisers around online video. Each day this week, I'll focus a little deeper on each of the issues. Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

I went to the Apple Store this weekend. What a place. The virtues of the Apple retail experience have been listed a thousand times before, so I won't re-hash, but they clearly know how to do Good Store. If nothing else, they realize the value of making the products the heroes, and when you let people touch heroes, they get excited (and buy!)

At the store yesterday, the hero of the day is AppleTV, and its a great illustration of the first issue around online video: what, exactly, are we talking about? Here is a device that (elegantly) blurs the line between online and off in terms of viewing content. The value here is the consumer, as well as the producer. A new revenue stream is opened-up for NBC with episodes of the Office.

What about advertisers? We are a little left out of the picture...or are we? The opportunity to talk to consumers may be roughly equal to $1.99 an episode. You can clearly see an opportunity to offer the premier of a show on iTunes for Free, brought to you by SteinBlog Heavy Industries.

The point is that there's not really a single thing called "online video", and--as such--there's really not a good silver-bullet approach to using online video effectively.
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