Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Joost Ad Model to rely on data

MIT's Ad Lab blog has a nice round up of thoughts on Joost's ad mode. Joost is currently in beta, but plans to be a new way to consume streaming content online....as in, watch television shows online.

There's a quote there from the Joosters, which is that they want to really disrupt the current ad buying system for broadcast. Traditionally, you bought ads based on reach and frequency. They want to shift to quality, and the way they are going to do it is by, yes, leveraging data.

Once again, what's happening behind the scenes in the online ad space is way more interesting than what's going on on the front.
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Blogger Becca said...

The Joost ad model is definitely interesting -- and perhaps equally "Web 2.0" as the service. I'm excited for both -- the service, because I think internet TV's time has come. And the second, because it can't come without a proper business model. The internet allows for much more target advertising, since the viewer is trackable. This should get us moving more int he right direction.
Ultimately, we'll need some sort of new advertising system designed to reach millions of disparate internet users -- a group of groups, instead of one large, American-Idol watching group.

We'll see how long that takes.


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