Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Google TV Hoax? More evidence

Why do I find this so fascinating?

The world is buzzing about the possibility and the potentialy hoax-ed-ness of Google TV. You know, when I watched the video the first time I noticed that when the camera panned down the screen, there was a link called "Affiliate Programs."

That's pretty odd, and definitely not Google standard (which placed a link to "Advertising Programs" on the bottom of pages). So, that would mean one of two things:

1) the hoaxer mis-typed something at the bottom of the page, when creating his fake Google TV site.
2) Google is offering an affiliate program for Google TV.

I understand that part of the story is that Google will charge for subscriptions to Google TV, but I don't know of anything else that they currently refer to as an "Affiliate Program". For what its worth, I think the answer is #1, and the mis-type is the give-away.

(I have screen caps, but for some reason Blogger's not letting them load)
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