Monday, March 27, 2006

User-Generated Ad Show in SF

The San Francisco Bay Interactive Group is helping to sponsor the first ever user-generated ad show. What a great idea. I'm hoping that AMMO can be a part of it in some way, naturally, but mostly I'm just stoked at the entire idea. Entries are being accepted now.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've gotta say, the bloom is off this rose. Converse Gallery - cool. Chevy Tahoe - so not cool. The difference? There is something powerful about tapping into the passion of a brand evangelist, which is what Converse did. Not only for those so-tapped, but also for those who are able to get some insight into brand passion by viewing the ads. But the Chevy Tahoe thing, and some other campaign identical to it out now (can't remember who it is) just don't work because they smack of send-to-a-friend, mock-viral manufactured-buzz.

BMW recently announced they're getting out of Branded Entertainment. The space is too crowded, they say, and they want to rise above. Smart advertisers will also abandon consumer-generated ads for the same reason. As soon as a show or contest crops up, it's no longer an innovation - it's a convention.

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