Thursday, April 20, 2006

GOOG Earnings: No Fear

Yowza. Google continued its march toward world domination, evidently, last quarter. The company made somewhere between 3 and 4 boatloads of cash (see EDGAR filings for accurate accounting) already this year.

The interesting thing about this quarter is that their last report was a little dismal. Well, dismal for them at any rate. They didn't meet expectations, and there didn't seem a lot of love for their "tax change" explaination of what happened.

There was even some chatter that maybe the shareholders would rise up and demand that Google begin to behave like a regular company and pre-report and communicate a little better with the real owners of the company.

Well, it seems like missing part from the money machine has been delivered, and I imagine this will keep the discussions at a minimum. At least for one more quarter.
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