Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mochila: Content/Ad Marketplace Model

Mochila is a new company, set to launch next week at AdTech. This seems like a reasonably-sized big deal. The idea is to establish a marketplace where parties can buy and sell content, with advertising attached. It represents a great opportunity for a fledgling site to add content, as well as a new channel for writers to distribute their work.

There's also a pretty interesting model for content-traders. Someone could try to play the margins, bringing in lots of content with ads and making money on the clicks. That is, a Webmnaster could potentially build a pretty relevant site, just from the content available on a given day. Mix that with some affiliate links, and there's a clear business.

The call, though, for sure is to increase the overall value of sites like blogs. For instance, I could potentially turn SteinBlog into more of a full-fledged publication, with my posts mixed in with news of the world, which I have purchased. Of course, the monetization mandate would go up, because my cost of doing business would go up. But for established brands, this could be a good way to go.

(btw: 'Mochila' is Spanish for 'backpack')
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