Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Do I care if my live help was

My home ISP has been pretty frustrating lately. I won't name names, but the service has gone out repeatedly over the last few weeks. Calls to tech support are all but worthless: 20 minutes on hold for them to tell me to turn the modem on and off. Yeeesh.

The connection went out again this morning. I got it back alive and decided to send an email, questioning the reliability. Going through the form, I was herded over to use the live-chat function. I tried it and, lo-and-behold, the customer service rep gave me some good advice.

My only question is...was that really a person? I'm not totally sure. The conversation seemed pretty standard, and the answers were clear. Twice, though, I asked if the modem could be broken, and the question was completely ignored. The talk could very easily have been handled by a 'bot: an automated chat application.

Is that a problem? I don't really know. I actually did get good advice. Do I need to talk to someone? Not really. I need help. I thought about asking if the person was actually a person, but (honestly) I worried that that would be seen as offensive.

Whatever, I decided. My connection is back again. Long live the Replicants.
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