Friday, April 28, 2006

Google 3D modeling tool

Everyone catch this? Google continues to confound by moving into markets seemingly picked at random. This week, they released SketchUp: free 3d modeling software. The analyst society is now stuck in the awkward position of having to figure out how free 3d modeling software either a) organizes the world's information; b) has a clear, ad-friendly revenue model or c) somehow goes after Microsoft.

I suppose you could spin a story about each of these. a) floorplans are a part of the world's information; b) if you sketch a deck, you might be in the market for a bbq and c) software's software: the more GOOG, the less MSFT.

But the fact is, we would all be looking at a dart thrown by Larry & Sergey and drawing a bulls' eye around it.
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