Monday, May 22, 2006

More on CostCo

I'm continuing to work on my presentation for the upcoming WOMMA event. In my research, I've come upon CostCo. What an amazing case study in Word of Mouth marketing. They may just be the perfect company when it comes to creating evangelists.

Here are a few factlets that I've unearthed:
  • CostCo has a 17% employee turnover rate. By comparison, WalMart has a 46% turnover rate, and the national average for retail is 65%.
  • The CEO spends a chunk of every day scanning about 1200 customer comments. He also answers his own phone and wears a name tag.
  • There are 23 million members of Costco. Last year, they sold 22 million rotisserie chickens.
Want to know more? You'll have to come to the event!
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