Monday, October 30, 2006

2 Books: "Word of Mouth Marketing" and "Made to Stick"

A couple of books showed up here at the Steinblog Campus: Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz and Made to Stick by the Brothers Heath.

I'm happy to recommend both of these. I'm pretty critical of stuff like this, but I have to say I found deep value in each of these.

Andy's book is great: the title is simple and tells you exactly what the book is about. It's funny: there are a few comments about how this isn't the first time someone has put this information into a book. But that's not really the issue. It's sort of like a book on HTML: it is enormously valuable for someone (smart) to pull all of these ideas together and synthesize them into a single, focused place.

Made to Stick is similar: this is a book about the hidden reasons why some ideas connect and stay with people, and some just fall away. The writing is straightforward and concise, and the ideas are very clear and actionable.

Even if you're a veteran, I'd get these books. Sometimes, you may just need to hand a client or a prospect some other source that tells the WOM story. These are both great choices!
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Anonymous Andy Sernovitz said...

Gary --

Thanks for the kind words. I owe you for quite a few of your great ideas that influenced this book.



1:16 PM  

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