Monday, January 16, 2006

CBS/Pontiac Does Converged Storytelling

(Salud a todos! I'm back from vacation, and--as of this morning--an official BuzzMetrics employee!)

CBS and Pontiac are launching a promotion this week that blends online and offline media, using a serialized story. Each night this week, CBS will show a one-minute episode in the middle of primetime. Viewers can visit the Pontiac site to see more of the story, download clips to their cell phone and (I imagine) find out more about the cars.

The storytelling idea is such a good one for the on/offline combination. The big challenge is not only involvement, but making the most of that involvement. So, the strategy is to try to capture a ton of attention in a short amount of time. If the brand is successful in doing that (because the story is compelling enough), then they better be prepared to do as much as they possibly can with the attention they've been given.
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