Monday, February 06, 2006

Half-Baked SuperBowl Thoughts

There's a Google Video link for most of the ads from yesterday's game. I only caught the second-half, including part of the Rolling Stones (yeesh: we're they really badly lip-synching?). So, pending-further review, here are some thoughts:

Best Ad
The one for the NFL itself, just saying thanks and reminding people that they'd be back in the fall to show more games. Great idea, very understated and the notion that we're all united in "the game" is about as genuinely true a statement as I've seen

Worst Ad
Ameriquest Mortgage. A quasi-funny bit is fine, but this was so far from associated with the company's actual product to be pointless. A man and woman end up looking like they're fooling around on a crowded airplane. The conclusion is something random, making a tenuous connection to the brand.

Not even worth considering
GoDaddy. What a mess. They seem intent on spending these millions to celebrate themselves and an adopted-for-no-particular-reason bad-boy image. Please. This ad would be great for Maxim magazine, maybe. But for an IT service?

Game-turning play
The Ike Taylor interception. The Steelers looked like they were running out of steam until that play. Then, you knew it was over.
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Anonymous Jay Stockwell said...

I actually liked the Ameriquest ad! According to my banker friend they specialize in the sub prime mortgage market. The insight is that the credit check in the process of buying a home is a major point of vulnerability for people with sub prime credit. They used humor to make the point that they do not jump to conclusions. I laughed outloud!

2:38 PM  
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