Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cell Phone as Teen 'Rite of Passage'

There's a great new data set up on AdAge about wireless use. The conclusion is not too far off from what's become the accepted truth: Youth Rules Wireless. They very clearly see the phone not just as a way to talk, but as a little computer. This has definitely been the failure of imagination among my age group and up (I'm 36). We see the cell phone as an extension of the home phone. It's just a phone that is more portable.

Not so with Gen Y-erless. To them (and this is the best insight from the article), getting a phone is a 'rite of passage'. There's a huge jump in phone ownership between the 8-12 demo and the 13-15 demo. You can very clearly see that the presentation of a cell phone to a 13 year old is a clear acceptance of the child's growing power and influence. No wonder teen agers decorate their phones and display them prominently. It's a tribal badge!
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Anonymous Cheap Cell Phone said...

Well when I was a tenn I remember decorating my school folder and pencil case. I think teens always like to express temselves like that cell phone is just another thing to express individuality.

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