Monday, March 20, 2006

Log Trolling for Keywords

You never know what you'll find.

I was looking through the log files for this blog, seeing if there are any interesting searches that people are using to find my blog. The best one? "some good thoughts". I'm Google result #2.

Which makes me oddly happy on this rainy Monday.

Well: I suppose this post is worthwhile: trolling logs for search engine referals is a great way see if there are any new SEM opportunities. The log-entry for "some good thoughts" looks like this:

I bolded the important part. That "q" (I assume) stands for query. That "%20" is the way the computer deals with spaces. The result is a bit of voice of the consumer insight: someone, somewhere did a seach for "some good thoughts" and decided that SteinBlog was relevant. I could bid on this term and capture a bit of that long tail.

Alright: back to waiting for the rain to abate once more so I can go cycling.
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