Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wireless Conference: Ads Invade another Forum

The largest wireless conference is suddenly focused on...advertising. It's amazing, it seems like nearly every business model is looking toward advertising as the next great revenue boost. I imagine this is the larger Google effect: tools are media, media is an ad opportunity.

The challenge that they face, of course, is figuring out how to advertise via this channel without making the channel become less effective. That's the spam question. Advertising on cell phones is attractive, because people are heavily reliant upon these devices. But there's a breaking point, where a preponderance of ads diminishes that utility.

Cell phone companies (and those who pay attention to their consumers) are just getting their feet wet on this. There is some guidance, in the form of the Internet and a few portals who decided to push the limit was past the breaking point, then attempt forgivenesss. Hopefully the cell guys will be more careful (and considerate) than that.
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