Friday, May 26, 2006

I think everyone's gone home...

So, I'm going to talk about cycling...

It looks like Ivan Basso is going to win the Giro d'Italia this weekend. I couuldn't be happier. This guy has ridden so hard the last several years, it's great to see him truly come into his own. Go back to some of Lance Armstong's victories from a few years back. On practically every climb, you see Basso. No one talked about him, because they were so focused on his big rivals, but he was there, learning from the master.

Now, with Basso, we've got the chance to see bike racing move decisively past the Armstrong Era. In the AE, the whole season seemed to be focused on winning one race: The Tour de France. But Basso may have the legs to win both the Giro and the Tour. That would bring us back to an earlier time when a champion won freakin' everything.

Either way: it's going to be a great year of racing. Thank you, powers-that-be, for putting so much cycling online!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Gary, congrats on the new role at Ammo - you should have a blast there.

Concurrent with the win for Basso is the win for Cervelo, another fine piece of world-class technology from Canada!

Hope the shoulder is healing, if you're looking for a 500 mile ride in August, come and join us for the Tour for Kids. You'll ride with some outstanding people and raise a million dollars for kids cancer camps.

Looking forward to catching up with you on cycling, immersive experiences and your new world.


10:03 AM  

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