Monday, June 12, 2006

Post Scoble World

Scoble's leaving Microsoft.

It's very possible that we'll refer to the last few years as the Scoble Era, not only at Microsoft, but for corporate culture as a whole. Yeah--Corporate Culture. Very clearly there is an advertising/marketing angle to be discussed here, but the lasting effect of Scoble is an awareness of the fact that direct communication between consumers and employees can be value-creating.

It's great that he named his blog Scobleizer. Some consulting firm could go along way, offering a Scoblization Process. The steps would look something like this:
  1. Identify someone inside the company with a ton of ethics, a lot of charisma, an actual passion for the products and the nerve to speak his mind.
  2. Give him or her a forum to express those views
  3. Turn on comments
  4. Monitor those comments like mad
  5. Get out of the way
Oh yeah...and work on a retention package that will keep him in the company after he becomes a celebrity.
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