Friday, July 14, 2006

Dallas Trip: 2 Brand Shout-outs

Here's to practicing what we preach: good brand experiences are worth talking about. Story-telling is the heart of word-of-mouth marketing.

I'm in Dallas right now, at the tail end of a biz trip. We stayed at the new W hotel in downtown Dallas. The place has been open for only 2 weeks, and I guess there are a few kinks to work out. I didn't do any organizing (thank heavens), but evidently, those who did found a few...umm...service gaps.

Well, they fix whatever went wrong, plus: we were all out to dinner with our client. The staff knew we were there (somehow). They called up the place and bought us a round of drinks.

Nice touch.

The other shout out is Samsung. They've set up a lounge here at the airport with WiFi, comfy chairs and lots of outlets. It's free and open to enter. The WiFi is T-Mobile, so you have to pay for it. But the fact that there's a nice, clean, quiet spot here at the airport is massively appreciated. You know, I've been in at least 4 brainstorm sessions where an idea like this has come up, but it never came to fruition.

Samsung did it--and they found a nice way to showcase their products: there's a steel case hanging on one wall with a selection of their cell phones. Nicely done. The idea of having a product showcase in a relevant spot is a good idea. The decision to make that spot into a little oasis for your target is great.
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Anonymous Scott said...

I run an internet marketing firm that works with luxury hotels across the US. We have a hotel in Dallas, and it happens to be my favorite among our portfolio. Hotel ZaZa was themed as a combination of service, style and, most importantly, theatre. The design is truly unique, with over 20 concept suites including the Shagadelic and Zen. The hotel openned three years ago, and immediately became a cult favorite. Of all the client I work with, ZaZa seems to be more in tune with their customers, and more committed to their brand identity. Interactive web tools, personal contact with thousands of clients for co-creation exercises and a commitment to stay current have kept this hotel full year round since it openned. Its truly a MUST SEE from a branding and experience standpoint. Check out

12:41 PM  
Blogger Dennis Smith said...

Gary - I've hammered out many an email in that same Samsung location at are right, they did a smart thing. It beats sitting on the ground next to whatever electrical outlet happens to be open!

2:01 PM  

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