Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kingdon on Blog-vertising

Mark Kingdon over at Organic writes in ClickZ today on the blog-ad opportunity. He's got some great advice, and I would add one more blog strategy: comment on others blogs.

I've always been a big proponent on comment-vertising (please forgive me for using that phrase). It actually occurred to me while cleansing some comment spam. In building traffic for this blog, I would regularly comment on the other blogs that I read. My name was, naturally, a link back to this blog. I figured that, as long as I was adding value to the conversation, it was a valid method of advertising.

There's certainly a line to watch--comment-spam, of course, crosses that line. But if you are adding comments to blogs that are relevant to your own, your link-back is simply announcing that you are also discussing the same issues. I imagine this gives you some Google juice as well, at least for your ego-surfing habit.

BTW: Mark's got a great group of thinkers blogging with him at 3 Minds.
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