Thursday, July 27, 2006 Community Bar Code db

There's a new site called Barcodepediaa community built database for bar codes. That's pretty cool. This is a pure service. That is: in-and-of-itself, this is not a huge benefit. The only way this site/service will be valuable will be as people begin to build applications on top of it.

You'd really like to see some industry involvement here. A manufacture could certainly place a huge amount of data into this database and make it very valuable. There's something so niche about this, that it seems to be an investment in unknown future development. I would also include this as a part of the crowdsourcing concept.

BTW: That Crowdsourcing blog is coming up on one month of no-posts. S'up with that? I think this idea has got some good legs behind it. Maybe (he-he) the author needs to open this up and let the community build it?!
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