Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sprite Commerical on YouTube

OK, this doesn't have the production value of the famous George Masters iPod ad, but I love this little movie 'about' Sprite. I put a link to this video in my ClickZ column this week and (half-jokingly) asked people to email me and explain it.

I got a few responses. Here's the best, from Mike Ventura:

It's the essence of "branding." Branding isn't typefont, color, copy - all those attributes that are sometimes - and erroneously - associated with "brand."

"Brand" is the consumer's emotional attachment to the product. These two girls are obviously involved in the the point that they'd make this campy little video.

Who didn't watch it all the way through? The Sprite brand had my attention for two minutes - that's a lot these days.

CGM cuts through the clutter because of what it is.

well put.
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