Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Teen's Loving the Text Messages

Shocking news, I know, but there's another article about teens and text messaging. Actually, the new thing here is a sense that teens may be moving away from email, in favor of texting. Says one teen "E-mails are more for work and school."

I love this, because it definitely demonstrates how people take new technologies and place them within a context in their minds and behaviors. While the technology that differentiates emails from IMs from text messages is slim, but that hardly matters. What does matter is that consumers will make a decision about how and when a particular technology should be used.

That use certainly defines the way that advertisers should approach it. If text is only for friends, its possible that commercial messages may not be welcome. Or, rather, they could be extremely welcome, because if someone opts in, that means that you (as a brand) have been accepted into a deeper circle of connection than a regular impression.
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