Thursday, September 28, 2006

Macbook enthralls

Macbook enthralls
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Well, let's be fair, of course. Yesterday, I had a post of a photo on flickr with a MacBook in the trash. Today, I happen to find this photo. This should be a print ad. Or a billboard. Or something. The product is the hero, the consumers are clearly delighted. There's even a story behind it. If I ran the Apple acct, I'd be all over this!

The advice? Search flickr for images that use your brand name as a tag.
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Blogger Sapna Satagopan said...

hey, good pic there. Though self decided to search for 'macbook problems' instead [thanks to spanking new macbook that sulks and shutdowns randomly. As a new Macuser self immediately doubted decision to purchase it]

check this one

Flickr is a zone for complaints on products as well, looks like.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous mikefranklin said...

thanks :)

people were moderately astounded to see a slide show of the wedding photos taken the day before.

my macbook also had 'rss,' and the recent firmware update seems to have taken care of that. it's actually a tiny tiny problem: if you consider that apple may sell 1,000,000 macbooks in 2006, and there are 1500 users on one of the shutdown sites, that's a 0.15% failure. if you adjust for two months left in the year, and failures are under reported, e.g. only 25%, that's still (6000 / 750,000) about 0.80%. Or, 99.20% of macbooks don't have this problem :)

7:29 AM  

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