Monday, October 09, 2006

The NEXT thing Google Buys has to be....


Oh shoot. Yahoo already got them. Well, there has to be another out there worth owning. The fact is, Google bought YouTube because GoogleVideo is simply not catching on. Google is seeking to be the point between you and the digital world. Video is very clearly a part of that, and their own efforts are a black eye on their sterling reputation. A purchase of YouTube make perfect sense to them: full-speed ahead and damn the cost.

So, what else is in their portfolio that is in the hot-space right now, but languishing? Orkut, their social networking site. They have ignored that thing for long enough. Google can't not have a social-netorking offering for too much longer. YouTube is a remedial purchase for them (as in, it remedies a situation). They are bound to be looking to patch the other holes they have in their dream ultimate online offering.
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