Tuesday, January 17, 2006

More on Analyst Marketers

The notion of the Analyst Marketer is important, and it is clearly getting importanter. Here are two stories today:

  • Google buys dMarc, a company that helps aggregate radio advertising.
  • The 4As have established a new 'eBiz for Media Lab', which looks to be an online marketplace for ad placement.
Pretty amazing. I've long held that marketing is best viewed as a very complex probability equation. The problem, though, is that the factors of the equation are so complex and numerous, that no one was ever able to sufficiently solve it to any really usable degree. Google catalyzed a real revolution, though. They essentially eliminated the creative aspect of ads, allowing advertisers the ability to really focus on the math.

That mindset is going to a large part of the Google Effect, over time, as the expectation of optimization reverberates past traditional online media into other placements. In my humble opinion, those in the business of supplying actionable, realtime marketing data are very well placed right now.
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