Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A9 Exec Leaves for Google: Bezos on Chair-Throwing Watch

It looks like the Google team continues to grow. When Amazon's search engine A9 was launched, it felt like it was built on the brains and determination of one guy: Udi Manber. There's news today that he has decided to move to Google.

A9 is a particularly vexxing. It always seemed to me that A9 was a cautionary, protective move by Amazon. They clearly depend on traffic from search, but they are also a search engine in and of themselves, for products.

But the question has always been "what exactly are they going to do with this thing?" The departure of Udi is interesting. The opportunity certainly exists to try to break into the top tier, but you have to be ready to commit serious resources. Where they go now, without their head, is going to be key to understanding what Amazon's long term search plan is.
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